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Our passion is to make you succeed through features that really matter to your business.

Why choose us

We know how much you care about your business. We have built features that allow you to start selling and growing fast.

Easy to use dashboard

We understand that your time is precious and that is why we make the easiest to use ecommerce platform on the market. No need to browse for hours before finding what you are looking for.

Efficient & Smart Tools​

We know you want to manage your ecommerce business in the most effective way possible. That is why we removed useless boat functionalities to bring to the table only the features and tools that boost your business.

Tracking & progress

Knowing at which point you are in your business and where your customers are coming from is valuable. This allows you to build better marketing strategies and deploy. integrates advanced analytics to bring you real-time data about your online store.

Mobile, tablet & desktop app free app

Mobile phones are now the preferred device for online shoppers. We help you reach more customers by making your store available everywhere. Your customers can install your store app directly from their browser on desktop, tablet, and, of course, mobile (android & iOS).

Custom android & iOS app

Get custom built android & iOS mobile apps that you can publish to Google Play Store & Apple Store. This allows your customers to install your shopping app from different app stores.

SEO & Marketing made simple

Free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is the best ecommerce traffic sources for the long term. comes with built-in tools to make your SEO optimization easy.

No sales limit

We understand that you need freedom in your revenue management so we do not put any cap on these. Whether you make $10 or $10,000,000 per month, we do not put any cap on your earnings.

No transaction fee

You have full control over your sales and transactions. Your revenue comes directly to your bank so we do not charge any fees when you make sales. As long as you pay for your plan, you are good to go!

Facebook, WhatsApp & Google

Monitor your marketing efforts with Facebook Pixel and decide whether you want to get sales notifications on your WhatsApp number. this makes customers trust you and buy more from you.

Progress Tracker

Track your progress with analytics

We seamlessly integrate Google Analytics with our built-in analytics tool to help monitor your business.

See where customers are coming from, the device they use, how they find your online store, and how much sales you have made in detail directly from your merchant dashboard. No need to switch between many apps.

Smart Notification

WhatsApp orders & Facebook pixel

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over 2 Billion users so chances are your customers use it.

With our WhatsApp integration, you can choose to get orders and sales notifications easily and chat instantly with your customers to build trust and make more sales. The more you connect with your customers, the more they trust your brand, and the more sales you make.

Reach your customers on whatever device they use!

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop App

Mobile shoping is 58% of the ecommerce market share and it is expected to increase with an estimation of $50+ trillions by 2023.

We have built an intuitive way for your customers to install your store app directly on their Android and iPhone. They can also install the store app on their tablets and and desktops to access your ecommerce store quickly. and easily.

Make search engines work for your business

SEO Optimisé

Use free integrated tools to rank high on Search Engines and make more sales. Get built-in Sitemap, canonical URL, title tag, and meta description for your online store and even for each and every single product you sell.

Hassle-free payment collection.

Global payment methods

Get paid by your customers using the means they like. integrates 9 payment methods to allow you to collect payment easily using credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Razorpay, Instamojo, Mollie, Toyyibpay, Mercadopago, and even Cash On Delivery.

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